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Training Programs

Row Fit

Our recipe for a great class is an energetic welcoming atmosphere, motivating instructors and a high-energy playlist. This 45-minute workout is divided between 3 styles of training. 1 station will be your cardio section on the Rower, Station 2 is your Kettlebell or Dumbell station and Station number

Lab Fit

Less boxer. More athlete. You can think of it as all of the training you might do in preparation for a fight . The 45-minute workout is evenly divided between 4 Pods of training. Quarter of the class is spent on custom Cardio: sprinting, climbing, pushing, maybe boxing and dare we say even recoverin

Strength & Conditioning

The goal is to first improve performance, which usually means improving your speed, strength and power at highest level. The second goal and equally important is to reduce injuries.