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"Five months ago I joined FNSports Boxfit Class and I have to say it's the best weight loss, strength and training class I've been to. I have seen a dramatic change in my body, the classes are intense, exhilarating and energetic. We've got a great coach who ensures each individual does the proper exercises and motivates you to push beyond your body's limits, achieving great results. BOXFIT FOR LIFE!

Jerome ManoTechnical Support,
Grand Cayman

"Picture speaks a thousand words. I've been complaning about my weight and progress. But I've lost inches and toned. And I am at my fittest. Boxfit for Life!"

Robyn McLeanClient Services,
Grand Cayman

" I couldn't be more  happy! 45 pounds down! From a size 14 to an 8! Thanks for all your support and training...You literally always help whether it be with nutrition, supplements, soreness and there's not a question about training that doesn't go unanswered. Thanks again!"

Mary HudsonGrand Cayman,
Cayman Islands