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Training Programs

Boxfit Training

BOXFIT guarantees to help you build strength, speed, endurance and mental toughness, ensuring fast measurable results, creating greater confidence within a toned-shape body.

Personal and Weight Loss Training

We focus on providing individualized training based on your goals and the demands of your sport or lifestyle. Our trainers will provide you with continuous assessments and help guide you on your way to a better you

Strength & Conditioning

The goal is to first improve performance, which usually means improving your speed, strength and power at highest level. The second goal and equally important is to reduce injuries.

The Lunch Time Workout

Our Lunch time program allows you to conveniently escape the office and get in a high intensity workout during your lunch break.


Be instructed by an experienced instructor taking you through the do'' and don''t of boxing. Box to get fit or for competition. Boxing is a high intensity cardio workout building upper body strength and muscle endurance as you progress through your sessions.